CCK08: assignment 2

(Translation in Italian)

Keep a diary of your activities.

  1. Go in Google Docs and create a new spreadsheet.
  2. Name it with your first and last name.
  3. Keep writing there your activities as I have shown in this example.
  4. Write there what you have done and the URL related to the activity: posts in your blog, contributions in the wiki, translations and so on.
  5. Evaluate your activity with a grade among 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
  6. In a cell somewhere in the spreadsheet keep the average of your grades updated.
  7. Share your spreadsheet with me filling the Share with others form in the following way:

With this assignment we do a number of different things.

  1. I always claim to grade all your initiatives, particularly those aimed at cooperating and helping the others. However I may miss something. By writing a diary of your own activities you will help me in keeping trace of your work. This means I have less mindless work to do and more time to do useful (hopefully) things for you. It is a kind of work sharing.
  2. The request to grade its own work may sound strange. By grading it you are exhorted to reflect more on the value of your activity, since the most severe judge of your work should be yourself. With this grade you should declare how much are you satisfied with your work. If it turns out you are not satisfied, well, go back and revise it.
  3. You practice a bit with Internet software and this is good. For many of you this course has to do with digital literacy, after all.
  4. You practice a bit with spreadsheets. Sometimes, quite rarely, someone asks me: “I would like to learn Excel”. Well, begin by playing with Internet spreadsheet software … for instance by calculating the average of your grades 😉

6 pensieri riguardo “CCK08: assignment 2”

  1. Mi associo alla domanda tecnica di ilariabu.
    Inizialmente ho valutato 1 come il massimo e 5 come il minimo…

    Altra domanda: la condivisione del foglio di lavoro è costante oppure ogni volta devo attivare il comando di sharing?


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