CCK08: assignment 4

(Translation in Italian)

In the last assignment we focused on the concept of intellectual property by reading the Bound by Law comics and, on the more technical side, we looked at the pdf file format, with which that comics is distributed online.

The collection of contributions in a wiki page is very nice. It is plenty of interesting information and it is quite amusing to read: there is even a description of pdf in rhymes! Someone took care of the general layout of the page. Very good.

After having considered the issue of intellectual property, I suggest to read this post where an Open Letter to the U.S. Congress Signed by 33 Nobel Prize Winners is quoted. The letter is about the problem of distributing free of charge scientific publications.

There is a very powerful tool for finding medical literature: PubMed. It is an important tool for people working in the field of health care. I invite you to play with it. Try to pose you a question and see what you can find. Try to manage the quantity of available information in a meaningful way for you. Explore the possibility to download full text papers.

Write a post describing how did you play with PubMed.


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