CCK09: How to look at a blogroom (3)

(Versione italiana) Abstract, A kind of introduction Beginning to look at numbers After the kind of introduction it would be natural to give some details about methods and tools but  I prefer to further clarify what we are about first. I’m reporting data relative to an online class of 21 students who were teachers of … Continua a leggere “CCK09: How to look at a blogroom (3)”

CCK09: How to look at a blogroom (1)

Versione in italiano Abstract A kind of introduction Why I’m doing this work? I have been applying the blogroom method during the past four semesters with about 800 students out of a total of about 1400 distributed in 20 different curricula, some of the Faculty of Medicine and some of the Faculty of Education Science. … Continua a leggere “CCK09: How to look at a blogroom (1)”

CCK08: Students begin to enter the blogroom

Dear students, you are just beginning to enter the blogroom. Welcome! During the last week we met in your respective classrooms of Firenze, Prato and Empoli. You belong to the curriculum for Radiologic, Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine Technologists (TRMIR in local jargon). Next monday other curricula will join. Let’s recap here what we said in … Continua a leggere “CCK08: Students begin to enter the blogroom”

CCK08: Asking for help on network analysis of a blogroom

Oh, I enjoyed Valdis Kreb`s presentation Emerging networks (there are .pdf slides) very much. Pretty new stuff for me. I would like very much to try this kind of analysis in my blogrooms. Let’s make an example to look for useful hints. With blogroom I mean the subset of the blogosphere constituted by the blog … Continua a leggere “CCK08: Asking for help on network analysis of a blogroom”

Let’s try to grow the AIMN09 blogroom (CCK08)

I’m familiar with very large and reach blogrooms were I teach computer literacy in an almost asinchronous way but these blogrooms were all started with a couple of conventional lectures. That is, I enter in a classroom and transform it in a blogroom, sometimes a set of classrooms in a blogroom. In the AIMN09, an … Continua a leggere “Let’s try to grow the AIMN09 blogroom (CCK08)”

CCK09: Connectivism and Connective Knowledge

(Versione italiana) Last year I participated to the online course Connectivism and Connective Knowledge given by George Siemens and Stephen Downes. It was a great experience that influenced deeply my practices. It is a good new that they will deliver another version in the fall of this year. One of the interesting features of these … Continua a leggere “CCK09: Connectivism and Connective Knowledge”

CCK08: before trying to outline a “final project” …

(Translation in italian, Translation booking) Before trying to outline a “final project” I would like to hear the voices of the students. Yes, because first of all, teachers must learn to hear the voices of their students, before applying methods, before thinking about theories, before outlining strategies. For me, it was not much about incorporating … Continua a leggere “CCK08: before trying to outline a “final project” …”

CCK08: useless computer rooms

(Translation in Italian) The blogroom materializes in one of our classrooms when needs arise. Yesterday I was in Empoli to discuss with some students. The university centre is new there and it is outfitted with advanced facilities, such as a sparkling computer room, the Aula Multimediale. We met there of course, being digital literacy the … Continua a leggere “CCK08: useless computer rooms”

CCK08 Short Paper 2: Changing roles of educators

(I must admit to be really surprised, here you have the translation in Italian but look at the history:     November 4, 2008 at 2:44:43 am by michele     November 4, 2008 at 2:41:15 am by michele     November 4, 2008 at 2:29:18 am by Giulia     November 3, 2008 at 10:53:45 pm by Andreas … Continua a leggere “CCK08 Short Paper 2: Changing roles of educators”