The dumbness of power

Immagine che evoca l'idea di censura con labbra femminili barrate da unsegnale di divieto
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The dumbness of power is appalling.

In Italy, Prime Minister, Mr. Silvio Berlusconi, is keeping his position, stubbornly, despite a blatant lack of broad political vision and any kind of decency.

Arab leaders turn out to be totally incapable to understand that the education of young generations, which is crucial for economic growth, has side effects involving social and cultural emancipation.

Even, democratic leaderships, such as the US administration, incline to give lessons of democracies to the rest of the world, reveals its dumbness when its dark side emerges.

The hysterical violence of the US reaction to the leaks of diplomatic cables published by Wikileaks, is not what you could expect from a true democracy, able to read the crucial changes of societies.

The Wikileaks story remembers that of Napster, the on-line music peer-to-peer file sharing service, closed in 2001 because of copyright violations. Napster has been closed, however since then the business of music distribution is radically different.

Yesterday, the Electronic Frontier Foundation site reported an interesting article describing how

… a new generation of Wikileaks-inspired websites is populating the Internet — decentralizing the concept of whistleblowing and making it harder to shut down speech merely by cutting off services to one site.

The article, which is asking if the rise of wikileaks competitors will make whistleblowing resistant to censorship, can be read here.

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