Assignment 5

(Translation in Italian)

Facebook is invading Italy too. I do not like very much facebook because it is a closed environment. More precisely, I do not like the fact that it is an environment that offers a whole set of web 2.0 functionalities and at the same time it is run by a company. I have nothing against companies, in principle; most of the popular web 2.0 are run by companies. I don’t like the fact that a lot of activities take place in a space that is controlled by just one company. I prefer the most open situation where people use different tools to do web 2.0 activities.

However, it is a fact that many of you are on facebook and I’m there too, in some ways. Therefore, let us try to investigate this fact. I propose the following.

  • If you have a facebook address include it in the google spreadsheet where you are tracking your activities
  • Write a post telling how have you been involved in facebook, what do you think of it and if you use it for some peculiar tasks
  • If you are not on facebook, write a post telling if you know something about it and if you are using some other social networking tools
  • If you have ideas to use facebook in some school-related activities write them; it seems in Internet there is a great deal of stuff like that

Finally, are there some of you willing to organize a survey in this whole classroom to know who is using facebook, myspace, deviantart, windows live, twitter and other social networking tools? If yes, put a comment on this post outlining your intentions: what to include in the survey, how to do it, how to organize data. If more than one would like to do this we will try to cooperate.

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