Who am I

Andreas Robert Formiconi — arf(AT)unifi.it

The present Academic Year, 2021/2022, is the last of my service at the University of Florence, to which I am grateful for the many opportunities for research and growth that it has offered me. At the same time it is the starting point of a new series of explorations and opportunities that I am about to face with great curiosity and energy.

My professional life has always been characterized by curiosity, aptitude for innovation and creative solution of complex problems, rather than being part of any role. With this in mind, I will always be open to tackling anything new although the areas where I am most likely to be expected to engage are:

  • Exploring and teaching about the use of new technologies at school and university but also in other contexts
  • Development of new MOOCs and exploration of methods to enable participant engagement
  • Care of self-learning communities and activities to integrate and support vulnerable individuals
  • Enhancement of informal learning contexts
  • Artistic-scientific explorations



  • Computer Science Education (I anno), CdS Magistrale Informatica – dal 2020-2021
  • Informatica, CdS Scienze dell’Educazione e della Formazione (I anno) – dal 2019-2020
  • Laboratorio di Tecnologie Didattiche (V anno), CdS di Scienze della Formazione Primaria – dal 2016/17
  • Laboratorio di Metodi e Tecniche dell’E-learning (II anno), CdS Magistrale interclasse in Scienze dell’Educazione degli Adulti, della Formazione continua e Scienze pedagogiche – dal 2016/17
  • Informatica (I anno), CdS Medicina – dal 2001-2002
  • MOOC Coding a scuola con Software Libero
  • MOOC Coding a scuola con Software Libero (versione edX)
  • MOOC Coding at School with Free Software
  • Seminars and learning events in eTwinning
  • Workshop (N.5) at the 10. Schweitzer Tag für Informatikunterricht, at Ausbildungs- und Beratungszentrum ETH Zürich.

Social activities

Since April 2017, I have been involved in activities and initiatives for the reception and integration of asylum seekers. Here the story.

In the past…

I have done research in: medical physics, nuclear medicine, mathematical theories of imaging methods, mathematics of inverse problems for medical imaging and tomographic reconstructions, computational algorithms in medical imaging (SPECT, PET, MRI), software for digital signal processors and computers of various kinds, massively parallel computers (Cray T3E Cineca), methods for teaching computer science and “digital literacy”, use of Web 2.0 tools for teaching, Social Networking Analysis. Software languages for school.

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