Presentation at TEMPUS project ARMAZEG

This morning I had the opportunity to give a talk for a group of Armenian and Georgian professors. The context was that of a TEMPUS European project ARMAZEG – Developing tools for lifelong learning in Trans-Caucasus region: e-Learning. The place was that of the School of Engineering in Florence.

It was a good meeting with exciting discussion and feedbacks. I’m grateful to all the participants for that.

The title of the talk was “Open and continuous teachers training for an open school: experiences from the Italian University Line”.

We outlined the activities at the IUL in the context of the distance education scenario in Italy as well as all over the world. We told the eight-years story of the blog, from its very beginning to the last initiatives, such as PirateBox in classroom and Kano computer in classroom.

As usual, we also demonstrated the use of these devices, allowing the participants to downloads contents from a PirateBox and showing the use of the Kano Raspberry computer, accessing it remotely by means of a laptop through a VNC connection over the network provided by the PirateBox. By means of this setting, we showed Terminal Quest, a game for learning some basic Unix command through a story – a game we have recently translated in Italian for a classroom experimentation we are going to begin in November.

Those participants who did not have a device to connect to the PirateBox, will find here links to

I thank again the participants for their contributions.

Domani 25 ottobre dimostrazione PirateBox al Linux Day

Linux Day Firenze

25 ottobre

presso le Murate

Descrizione dell’iniziativa “PirateBox in classe”

10:00 – 10:25

Punto informazione

La Pirate Box in due varianti: una realizzata con router TP-Link MR3020 e distribuzione OpenWrt, l’altra con Raspberry PI e distribuzione ArchLinux

10:30 – 13:00

Elaborazione dei feedback – #loptis

A chi mi chiede:

Ma dove pongo le mie domande sulla PirateBox?

Rispondo, in ordine di preferenza:

  1. Aggiungendo il tuo contributo sul wiki PirateBox in classe
  2. Se hai fretta, con un commento ad un qualsiasi post sulla PirateBox, questo per esempio
  3. Per email, se hai motivi privati, ma è sempre meglio scrivere dove leggono tutti

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L’importanza dei feedback – #loptis

Per dare un segno di vita e per ricordarsi il senso della cosa.

I partecipanti all’iniziativa “PirateBox in classe” rimborsano le spese dell’hardware – a proposito, grazie a tutti per la sollecitudine. Il mio lavoro è invece free, per dirla alla Stallman: free as in free speech, not free as free beer. Ovvero, il mio lavoro non è gratis: non chiedo denaro, ma chiedo feedback.
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