#llats18 – Recording of last live event and more

Here you have the recording of the live event of yesterday, Tuesday 24, about syntonic learning at primary school and a physics lab for secondary school.


Among the feedback there are a few people claiming not being able to keep up with the course, they say interesting but too difficult and dense. For these cases, I remember that the MOOC and the discussion space will remain freely accessible to everybody in the following months.

There are still some asking what they are expected to do:

  • study the slides about the topics relevant for your teaching activities
  • watch the videos
  • think
  • download LibreOffice
  • activate LibreLogo Toolbar in LibreOffice
  • repeat the examples shown in the slides
  • try to change something, play with the code
  • if you like to do so, download the set of Logo programs in http://iamarf.ch/mooc/logo-odt-files.zip
  • upload your works in the Material section in the LearningLab (create your own folder there and place your files there)
  • ask in the discussion space if you have problems or you are willing to share ideas

There are other specific (very interesting) feedback… I’m working on them right now…

4 pensieri riguardo “#llats18 – Recording of last live event and more”

    1. Thank you: I hadn’t understood Papert’s turtle the first time you wrote about it. Kind of kept thinking I should go back. But this time, with the little girl walking on a circle, then the kids creating a circle in flour, I got it – I think. And I wish differentials had been presented this way 50 years ago when I was in high school…
      Re the falling bodies, it reminded me of a probably spurious anecdote: a college teacher asks students how they can use a barometer to measure a skyscraper. One student said: “I’d go to the top, then I’d weigh the barometer then drop it and measure how long it takes for it to crash. Then I’d apply the gravity equation to find the height of the building” Teacher: “Great alternative reasoning”:

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