CCK08: Hidden connections?

(Versione in italiano)

Amazing, really. I read Developing Online From Simplicity toward Complexity: Going with the Flow of Non-Linear Learning and what I have found is a perfect description of my experiences with the blogroom I have quoted in other posts here.

In the short paper 1 I said that often one has the feeling that ideas flourish just because the context is mature. Here again.

Renata Phelps is a professional and I’m not, coming recently from other fields. I heard nothing about such ideas in my entourage here. I had absolutely no specific background. I had just to face a large and complex problem: to teach something

  1. changing too fast
  2. to too many students
  3. having extremely different backgrounds.

Nothing else.

And probably, in some other parts of the world there are other people developing similar solutions to similar problems without having an explicit and common background on the subject. Solutions that are in the air brought by a set of hidden connections.


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