#llats18: First day

Good morning. This is the first day of the “Coding with LibreLogo: A step back into the future” eTwinning Learning Event.

All messages related to this event sent through this blog, the Facebook or Twitter channels will be tagged with #lltas18: LibreLogo at school 2018.

Today the enrollment is still going on. We have some 230 participants so far, thus 20 places are still available.

In the meanwhile, today you are expected to browse the course, as described in the previous post.

In particular, please spend some time in getting familiar with the discussion place in https://www.reddit.com/r/CodingAtSchool/, because this will be the information hub for all technical problems.

This blog (iamarf.org) through post comments
Twitter: @iamarf
Facebook: iamarf
Email: arfATunifi.it

The reason is that there all questions and answers are easily seen by everyone and, most important, answers and ideas may come for the participants themselves.

Remember: your sharing of problems and ideas is crucial. You’re the ones who can give life to the class.


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