Students of 07/08: anyone willing to give me a help?

To recap my last two posts with some further specifications.

As I wrote about this course in a short description of our wiki in the Educational-College/University section of the Public PBwiki Directory:

A computer literacy course shifted towards the use of WEB 2.0 tools for learning to communicate, share and co-operate. The course is offered to the students of the medical school in the Florence University, Italy. Seminars, teacher’s liquid presence, blogclass and wiki are basic elements of the course.

Feeling that the inspiration of the course resonates much with the connectivistic thought, I’m willing to join our experiences with the next Connectivism and Connective Knowledge in fall 2008.

Probably I will not be able to manage all the assignments but this is not the point. My participation is about letting known interested people about our experience and, above all, it’s about getting valuable feedback to improve the course further.

Unfortunately, language is a major obstacle: our blogclass cannot be so transparent to english-speaking people as we would need. Therefore, any idea to overcome the problem is wellcome.

To start with, we begin translating some feedback got from the students of the spring 2008 course. Some of them have already offered their help, therefore, I set up a wiki page to collect the translated or newly composed pieces.

To my students I would suggest

  • feel free to translate your original piece as it is or even to broaden it as you like
  • feel free to translate the text of other students
  • in both cases, please place a note in the wiki page when you start to work on a piece so that other know that a translation is going on that piece
  • may be someone could translate my blog pages Come e Perché?


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