CCK08: reactions of students

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Just to answer briefly to some CCK08 friends who asked me about the reactions of students to the freedom they have in the blogroom. Some numbers and students reactions of last year are available in an older post. Here just some partial ongoing reactions.

Emotional reaction

Admittedly, I work very much on the emotional side, believing that real learning takes place only in presence of some kind of emotional involvement. Perhaps this relates to some reflections about emotional involvement I have read somewhere, for instance in Marus’s blog.

During the first lesson where students are told about the course organization, typical reactions range from

uff yet another course -> what’s going on here -> hey boys .. but this guy is crazy -> uhm where is the trap?-> what are you going to do guys? -> may be nice .. let’s see ..


uff yet another course -> what’s going on here -> hey boys .. but this guy is crazy -> uhm it sounds cool -> wow I wanna begin now!

In any case nobody sleeps as it is quite common … I mean that way of sleeping where … apparently eyes are wide open … in reality eyes are wide shut

This is already a result, I believe.


We should have a total of about 200 students. For a number of reasons I cannot know the total in advance.

The first lesson was done between the 3rd October and the 24th October in the various classes.

Students should first make an account in the wiki and then write their email addresses in the appropriate page: 104 have done it so far.

Secondly, they have to fill a form with their data, among which their blog addresses if they chose to use one; I sent the form (googledocs) on the 27th and 50 have answered so far.

About 10 students proposed ideas for contributing to the wiki or contributed to translate some posts.

5 pensieri riguardo “CCK08: reactions of students”

  1. Hi iamarf,
    Not sure of your name, but I liked your posting about your students and blogging and wiki activity. I think it would be about a normal range of participation — even with adults from my limited experience in courses.
    cheers, Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers


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