#llats18: The fear of math and first drawings

Next live event

Lastly, we’ll have another live event on Friday afternoon. Let’s make a poll to find the most convenient time…

Who are we?

It’s nice to get the feeling of the community we belong. What does our community look like? Here you are:


We’re a southern team, aren’t we? What do you think?



There are people who claim to feel somewhat lost. That’s usual in these kind of courses.

Relax: it’s about discovering and getting familiar with new stuff, not about getting instructions or mechanical procedures.

When entering a new territory you cannot pretend to grasp all its features, possibilities, treasures, in just one stroke. You have to explore and to get familiar with new things, new scenarios, and this requires time.

Yes, it is true: ten days is a relatively short time but that’s it. Remember that the MOOC remains there, open for you, and that you can give yourself time to explore and experiment further in the future. And that we will continue to answer questions…

Ten years ago I participated to the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), given by George Siemens and Stephen Downes. It was about connectivism and it was quite chaotic. Since many of my classmates around the world were upset, I wrote a small piece, trying to relax them: Let’s go for a walk in a wood and relax…. If you feel overwhelmed, give it a reading…


Next steps

If you have gone through lessons 1 and 2, what’s next? Well, with relaxed and joyful mood, you may explore the two next lessons.

Lesson 3 is about Papert’s reflections on the fear of math. But if you are not much interested in the pedagogical background, just go ahead. Just one thing: in case you would like to have an idea of how it is possible to code a linguistic game with Librelogo and where this exercise is coming from go to have a look to slides 11,12 and 16-21 of lesson 3. At this point you can get just an intuition of this code. If you are really interested you will come back here when you will be more familiar with the Logo basic constructs.

If, on the other side, you want to begin putting hands on, follow carefully slides and videos of lesson 4.


15 pensieri riguardo “#llats18: The fear of math and first drawings”

  1. It’s a more general issue. eTwinning is much more widespread in southern than in northern areas.
    Probably because in the North they receive more from the state organizations than we do in terms of facilities, initiatives, cooperation and so on. This, for example explains such a high participation in Turkey

  2. I Think the strong presence of partecipants from the Southern area shows that in these countries teachers are very sensitive to innovative tipica and available to Learn more about elaborate topics.

  3. It’s usual to find the teachers of south countries more involved in eTwinning training activities and projects.
    Thanks for the tips!

  4. We are truly a miscellaneous group! This is a very good signal. With so different cultures, we can enrich the knowledge of each other and make this work really profitable. I’m glad that Portugal, a small country, is well represented.


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