#llats18: for someone it’s time to share


Even if we are still at the beginning, someone is trying to show some results. For instance, this has been done by @fjbalsera in Twitter:

Or Federica who uploaded her work among the files in the materials section: https://learninglab.etwinning.net/62144/materials/files.

Here you have her first job:


The image is taken from the ODT file she uploaded.

From this code we see that she used software constructs we have not yet discussed, namely loops (REPEAT), procedures (TO…END) and variables (LL). This is good but not mandatory. What’s important is that everyone goes by its own pace.


Federica did exactly what you all are expected to do:

  • first created a folder with her name
  • then uploaded the work there

Please do so.

If you are proud of your efforts, or you want to point out a specific aspect, a problem, a particular solution, do notify the fact that you uploaded a file by writing it in a Reddit post (https://www.reddit.com/r/CodingAtSchool/), telling the name of your folder and describing the ideas you want share.


Next live event

In our last post, The fear of math and first drawings, we proposed a poll to get your preferences about the live event time. This is the result:

21    39.77% (35 votes)
20    30.68% (27 votes)
15    6.82% (6 votes)
17    6.82% (6 votes)
18    6.82% (6 votes)
19    5.68% (5 votes)
16    2.27% (2 votes)
Other: 1.14% (1 votes)

Total Votes: 88

Based on this outcome we are going to schedule the next live event tomorrow Friday 20 at 20:30.

We will talk about the Turtle Geometry and the three basic software constructs that Federica used in her work. The text is available in lesson 5, available in the LearningLab as well as in the MOOC.

P.S. 23:54

Well twelfe minutes ago another work shared by anasousa4 on Reddit.

Very good 🙂

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