CCK08: assignment 1

(Translation in Italian)

This is the first assignment for students of the Facoltà di Medicina and students of Teorie della comunicazione. The assignments for the two groups are different but, if you like, you can do both of them.

Students of Teorie della comunicazione

The recent bill (Legge 133) which establishes a substantial reduction to university funding, among other things, is a subject of vehement discussions here in Italy in these days.

However, I’m afraid there is little discussion on basic issues about the role of educators, the practice of teaching, the understanding of learning in a society which is extremely dynamic and so fast evolving.

Read this recent article of Prof. Michael Wesch, a cultural anthropologist at Kansas State University and write a post about this subject in your blog.

Students of the Facoltà di Medicina

Reread the end of Let’s begin to work together and write a post on a subject that you are free to choose among the contents of the course. Try to make an argument or to tell a story of your life related to the use of technology; try to avoid plain descriptions or, even worse, trivial cut-and-paste from some text found in the Internet.

5 pensieri riguardo “CCK08: assignment 1”

  1. ciao ancora ci devo entrare con grandi difficoltà …però penso ke nel momento in cui avrò “carburato”sarò molto soddisfatta!!
    volevo kiederti se hai fatto la traduzione dell’articolo del prof. Wesch e se puoi darmi il link..te ne sarei grata….,grazie!elisa

  2. Prof posso occuparmene io della traduzione dell’articolo del prof. Wesch.. Mi può dare però una indicazione di come inserirlo direttamente nel suo blog (parlo del collegamento)?
    Altrimenti metto il link del mio blog.. Piano piano inizio a “carburare” con questi blog..

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