Opened – Week 10

The reflection weeks are a great idea! Now we have time to read the other participants posts. I believe this is particularly appreciated by those that are not full time students; even more by those that, being involved in some kind of teaching, are very busy right in the same time period. Personally, I learn as much from posts as from assigned readings. I like this very much.
At the same time, I also appreciated the lost Inviting Someone to Participate assignments. I was looking forward to propose a couple of experiments involving free sharing of educational materials online, having this intention before attending the Open Education course. Of course, I understand it was necessary to give up to something because of time schedule. Perhaps, for those attending while being active in teaching a loose time schedule, based more on tasks instead of strict deadlines, could be more appropriate and it could lead to some fruitful results or, why not to some cooperation.

1 commento su “Opened – Week 10”

  1. The “Inviting Someone to Participate” assignment is not lost at all, you can try and do it if you like. On Thursday 15 November I will try to do exactly this at a meeting with other teachers from all over Italy at the Ministry of Education in Rome. Why should we give up if we think it can be useful for the open education movement?
    Cheers from Elisa :-)))


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