CCK08: assignment 3

(Translation in Italian)

Here you have another assignment for students of the Facoltà di Medicina (INF08) and students of Teorie della comunicazione (TCO08). The attribution for the two groups are just an indication, all of you can choose one of the variants or do both of them.

Students of Teorie della comunicazione (TCO08)

Last monday in classroom we tried to focus on what’s really new in the internet hype. Among other things, we talked about the open source movement and the openness, sharing, peering and global action that characterize the behaviour of an increasing number of companies and organizations in the world. A very important aspect in this context is the evolution of the idea of intellectual property.

Let us try to  deepen this idea by reading Bound by Law, a comics created by two lawyers and a cartoonist. It can be downloaded and there is also a template to provide a translation in other languages …

Write your impressions in a post.

Students of the Facoltà di Medicina (INF08)

Well, read the same comics. By the way, you can download it as a pdf file.

Why the pdf exists? Where is it appropriate to use it? Are you already using pdf? In which ways?

  1. Write a post describing one specific feature or use of the pdf format.
  2. Transcribe it in this wiki page. Sign your transcription with a link to your blog post.

Before writing the post go to see in the wiki page what others have written in the meanwhile, so as to avoid duplications.

Use the contents in the wiki as well as any other source in the internet. Quote the sources you used.

Remember that, if they like, INF08 students can do the assignment for TCO08 students and viceversa, or  both the assignments.

The second part of the INF08 assignment can be seen as a little experiment about collaborative writing of a sort of manual. The TCO08 students could study it as an online communication experiment …

Last, remember there is a limit for the post length, let us declare it in binaryland language:

11001000 words!


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