What does it mean to be connected …

(Translation in Italian)

While the poll on social networks is accumulating data, I invite you to read very, very, carefully this article. It is entitled Seven Habits of Highly Connected People and it explains in a very clear way that to be connected is not merely about staying in front of a computer or poking around in some social networks. To be connected in the sense of Stephen Downes, the author of the article, is about something so deep and human that has a lot to do with the attitude we have in physical life, too.

Please, read it really carefully, slowly, pondering each sentence, and post about it in your blogs.

2 pensieri riguardo “What does it mean to be connected …”

  1. Thanks for posting this. I have read Stephen’s Seven Habits on a few occasions, each time having a deep reflection. Yes, Stephen has got something that really inspires…. and interesting to mull it over.


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