CCK08: when students become frustrated …

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Egocentricamente commented on the assigment 2 post that she finds enormously easier excel than google spreadsheet but she acknowledges to get nervous when becoming frustrated. I like this sort of comments because they foster discussion.

It depends on what you want to do. It may be that google spreadsheet is not appropriate for what you are used to do with excel. I propose you write a post about the difficulties you have found in using google spreadsheet. Then, if other people turn out to have ideas about this issue, you could write a page in the wiki to specify the differences between the two tools or you could improve this page written by a student last year. It may also be that others are aware of other similar tools.

This course is not about learning some specific tools rather it is about getting accustomed to learn new things and to become flexible in using each tool when appropriate in that given context.

That said, let me list some of the features of internet spreadsheets and internet docs, mutatis mutandis:

  • internet docs can be shared and they are very good to cooperate
  • they cost nothing
  • they offer some 10% of the features some 90% people actually use, more or less
  • you can work from every place where is an online connection
  • software is always updated, no need to bother with versions -> further costs
  • forms associated to spreadsheets are extremely useful, I’ m using them very much for the administration of this course
  • documents can be exported n the most useful formats.

Anyone willing to contribute to pros and cons?

2 pensieri riguardo “CCK08: when students become frustrated …”

  1. Mi sembra uno strumento interessante.
    Come ‘foglio di calcolo’ incontro più o meno le stesse difficoltà che ho incontrato con excel… capire le formule! Tuttavia per i Google Docs, al momento, non ho ancora trovato una valida spiegazione online (trattandosi di ‘numeri’ devo scovare un help for dummies).
    Ad oggi sono riuscita a fare una somma tra caselle, ma non una somma tra un numero e una casella o relativa ad un lasso di caselle…


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